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Clear Vision Without the Bulk

Contact lenses are a fantastic alternative to corrective eyewear. They offer several benefits over glasses thanks to the technological advancements in lenses since their inception in 1887. Many types and styles of lenses are available that nearly anyone who wants to wear contacts can. 

However, contacts sit directly on the eyes, so if you want to make the switch from glasses to contacts, you’ll require a specialized eye exam and fitting to ensure your lenses give you clear vision with comfort. 

At Dr. David Oliphant Optometry, we provide comprehensive contact lens exams and fittings so you can find the ideal lens for your vision needs. Even if you’ve been told you can’t wear contacts or you’ve had a hard time finding comfortable contacts in the past, our team in Chatham-Kent is dedicated to helping you achieve your vision goals. Call us today to schedule an appointment, and let’s see what we can do for you.

The Benefits of Contact Lens

Contact lenses are designed to correct common vision problems, like refractive errors. Some specialty lenses can also help eye conditions, like dry eyes and keratoconus

Some benefits that contact lenses provide include:

  • A more natural field of vision since they move with the eyes
  • Improved peripheral vision and clarity of vision for activities like sports, especially when well-fitted
  • Clearer vision on days with inclement weather because they don’t fog up or get splattered with rain or mud
  • More options for sun protection because contact lens wearers can wear non-prescription sunglasses (some contact lenses also provide extra UV protection)

Contacts can be worn whenever you want. Some people choose to wear them every day for any activity while others wear them only for special occasions. The choice is yours, and we’ll help you find a contact lens that suits your lifestyle.

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